Journal #3/ LIFE IS SHORT | Autobiography as Haiku/ 082808

LIFE IS SHORT | Autobiography as Haiku
-April 22. 2007 by Jane Steimel

-Jane Steimel

I shop all over Washington in search of the perfect Chinese baby doll for my new granddaughter, who is half Chinese. I want her to have such a doll to identify with her Chinese heritage. I finally find the right one. As I give it to her, I see a blue-eyed blond doll that her Chinese grandfather, who just arrived from China, shopped all over that country to find for his new American granddaughter.

This autobiography is about a caucasian grandmother who bought an Asian doll for her half-Chinese baby granddaughter.  The author incorporates irony at the end of her autobiography by mentioning that the child’s Chinese grandfather had already given her a caucasian doll. I liked this autobiography because from reading it, I was able to feel the sense of love and care the grandmother had towards her granddaughter. Her ideas and feelings towards her granddaugher are clearly expressed throughout the piece. She uses a variety of sentence structures, ranging from short to long, making the writing more dynamic. Her use of evoking emotions appealed to me as a reader.


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Journal #2/ Is John Stewart the Most Trusted Man in America?/ 082008

Comedy is an act or a film that’s purpose is to entertain people in a humorous and satirical way. Comedians use a variety of methods such as parody, mainly to make people laugh. Jon Stewart claims that his primary role is that of a comedian’s because he his main goal is to entertain people and to make them laugh, almost like a celebrity. He meanwhile informs people with current events and discuss the serious issues in a more casual and funny way. The Daily Show is different from other comedy shows because it is not only about playing jokes, but also is about examining and analyzing current events around the world. Therefore, it is both entertaining and informing at the same time.

M*A*S*H stands for Mobile Army Surgical Hospital. It is an American satirical comedy film during the 1970s which was about the Korean War. It depicts the life of a medical personnel at MASH and his relationships with other people that were involved in the Korean War.

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Journal #1/ Look for the Silver Lining/ 081308

According to the article, piracy can be good for businesses in that products that are imitated and upgraded are much more popular compared to brand new products. For example, Nigo, the designer of a brand called A Bathing Ape redesigned the Air Force shoes from Nike and made special editions with different colors and textliles. These special editions were very popular and were sold at high prices. The designers at Nike got inspired by this and took this idea of redesigning and making special editions to their advantage, which led them to come up with many more popular shoes.

Peer to Peer, which are file-sharing networks on the internet have made people’s access to media to be much quicker and easier. They can simply get what they want, such as music and movies straight from the computer. This can be done right on the spot and therefore, people don’t have to go to stores to purchase CDs and DVDs. Another great thing about Peer to Peer is that they are free most of the times.

Things new to me in this article:
Nigo, GM soybean seeds, BigChampagne

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