Journal #5/ Free Response/ 092208

Teen Smiles After She’s Convictd of Killing Roommate

Galereka Harrison was convicted of first degree murder of her roommate, Mia Henderson by stabbing her 23 times. In court, it was ironic how she smiled after she was found guilty, while her parents were sobbing. Harrison planned the murder for days when Henderson accused her of stealing her student ID card, Social Security card, and money. She lied many times that she didn’t kill Henderson but finally admitted and said that it was purely for self-defense. The police in response said that Harrison was naive, scared, and confused because she thought that she would get in trouble for being accused of stealing. I wish she had realized earlier that killing is a much more serious crime than stealing. She will be in prison for 25 years.


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Journal #4/ This I Believe/ 090308

The Power Of ‘Hello’

Howard White is the current vice president of Jordan Brand at Nike. In this article, he tells a story from his childhood about how his mother told him to speak to people and explains how this helped him to become who he is right now. When Howard White read his own essay, it seemed definately more personalized because it showed his character and style. For example, the audience can automatically distinguish that he is an African American man by listening to his strong accent. He slowed the pace of the reading down when he was reading the quotes from his mother, giving emphasis to her meaningful statement. His calm voice also conveys how he felt very thoughtful and englightened when he heard the statement. Overall, his deep emotions are carried in his familiar voice throughout the essay.


Some Things to Know About Your Mother
by Anne Donahue
This essay is about a woman who lost her mother when she was young and is now currently raising a young daughter. It is basically a letter that she wrote to her daughter, Grace. She is telling Grace that she should get to know her mother well and create a special relationship with her, because she is now regretting that she didnt get to know her mother well enough. Donnahue’s general tone in reading her essay is ver emotional. She is mournful and reminescent, yet excited. It is very obvious through her sad voice that she misses her mother and is sad that she didnt get to know her well. Her voice also helps make the readers to feel the emotion as well. I was especially able to relate to this essay well because her daughters name is Grace, just like myself. When she was reading the letter, it almost felt like she was reading it to me.

Finding the Flexibility to Survive
by Brighton Earley
This essay was about a high school girl whose family got poor and couldn’t afford to shop at a grocery store. She describes how she bought her living necessities at a gas station called the Chevron. She expresses her feelings of how she was embarrased at first while shopping at Chevron, but later accepted the fact that that was what she had to do to be able to survive. When she is reading her own essay, her voice really enhances the meaning of the essay because her young voice showed how she’s been going through a lot of hardships at such a young age. Her voice is very calm and consistent throughout, but contains a lot of emotion. I can almost put myself in her situation since we are of similar age.

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