Journal #8/ 44% of Korean Ivy League Students Quit/ 100708

44% of Korean Ivy League Students Quit

Mr. Kim says that the most likely explanation for the drop out rate of Korean students in universities is that they cannot get along with the rest of the society very well. They feel isolated and left out because they are so used to the Korean studying way of life and cannot adjust to the free, American way of living.
The drop out rate of Korean students is higher than students of any other nationalities. American students’ drop out rate is 34 percent, 25 percent Chinese, and 21 percent Indian. This indicates that the drop out rate of Korean students is higher than 34 percent.
To avoid myself from becoming one of the typical Korean drop out students, I am trying to prepare myself for college as a high school student. I try to make myself more Americanized in my daily life. I watch popular American TV shows such as Prison Break and Gossip Girl, and listen to American pop music as well. I think this allows me to get used to the American life and get to know what the teens my age are living like. This will help me to bond with them a bit more in college and become good friends with them, as we have more things in common. I will not be an isolated, excluded Korean student who only knows how to study well. I will try to be the cool Korean girl who understands the American students well and have a great time with them together in college.


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Journal #7/ SATs/ 100308

Sats allow colleges to compare you to all the other students in the world. Since the tests are standardized and the grading system is the same for everyone, the scores will accurately and fairly compare the students’ abilities. However, a student may stand out of the bunch by participating in some extracurricular activities and show interest in a certain area. SAT tests are also less biased than other tests in classes, graded by the teachers because they are computerized and graded by machines. Therefore, there will not be any personal feelings from the graders that may affect the students’ grades in any way.

There was an SAT scandal in Korean test centers a few years ago, which resulted in the cancellation of all students’ test scores. There had been rumors that Korean SAT hagwons got access of the SAT tests beforehand and gave them to the students to study. This could impact Korean applicants because colleges may view all Korean students as cheater or students with an unfair advantage. I am concerned that a scandel like this might happen again when I take the test and my score will get cancelled.

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