Journal #15/ Hagwons in U.S. cash in and U.S. teens cheat/ 120708

Honestly, I am a little embarrassed to be a Korean student right now. Even though I believe that the Korean students that the article talks about does not include international school students like myself, I am still upset that the Korean students are doing so poorly in the universities. Hearing that almost half the Korean students in American universities are dropping out before graduation makes me feel discouraged and makes me wonder if I would be able to do well in college. I was also shocked to hear that hagwons are starting to develop in the United States. I am personally against hagwons in Korea because all they do is basically force the students to memorize vocabulary and give them extra help in an inappropriate manner such as doing the work for them. I believe that this does not help the student at all when looking at the long term situation because he or she will not be able to follow the college level courses and do the work by himself. Until I read this article, I thought that hagwons were mainly for highschool students. Seeing that even college students attend hagwons in America now, I think hagwons are overrated and overused. I am afraid that the hagwons will also affect the American students in a negative way like they did to the Korean students. I wish the hagwons would disappear so that all students will be able to learn their skills and do well in university.

American teens lie, steal, cheat at ‘alarming’ rates: study

I was shocked when I read that there were more dishonesty and cheating in religious schools than in non-religious schools. I think this is very ironic because I believed that students in religious schools would be more honest and good hearted since they are more devoted to God and follow the ideas in the Bible.  I think dishonesty is a very serious problem not only in the United States but here, in Korea as well. I’ve noticed recently that there has been quite a lot of stealing going on at our school these days. Reading this article made me realize that this is a very serious problem that should be fixed because several of my closest friends got their money stolen in the past month. Also, Lies became so common that they just became a part of people’s lives and everyone just got used to them. Because they are so common, it is very hard to trust anyone in the society. It is so sad to admit that it is a bit too late to be able to fix this problem of dishonesty in the world.


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