Journal #18/ “Up and Coming Schools” and “Narrowing Your Choices”/ 020509

While reading the article, “Up and Coming Schools”, I realized how there are many colleges out there that are not yet famous and popular, but are still very educational and attendable. But, most of the schools listed are liberal arts schools, which I am not planning to attend because I know for certain that I specifically want to do art in college. However, reading this article made me wonder that there might be many good art schools in the United States that I am not aware of. I’m planning on searching some unknown art schools on and see if any of them are fit for me in terms of location, major, and size.

From reading the article, “Narrowing Your Choices”, I learned how there are many aspects of schools that I should take into consideration when I choose which colleges to apply to. The article mentions a variety of ideas, such as the school size, the location, the majors, and the campus. I personally thought that location was the biggest issue for me when narrowing down the list of colleges because I want to be in an urban area where there are many things to do outside of school such as hobbies and internships. The article also warned me how I shouldn’t be going to schools that my friends are going to or that my parents want me to go to. Afterall, I am the one who is going to go to the school, so I should be somewhere that I will be happy with.


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