Journal #19/ My College Quickstart/ 020509

College Quickstart is a personalized tool that uses PSAT and SAT scores to help students find the right colleges and careers. The tools available on My College Quickstart are an online score report, SAT study plan, college matches, and major & career matches. One thing I found inconvenient about My College QuickStart was that it required an access code printed on the PSAT report in order to first sign in. However, once I got this figured, the tools that followed up were very useful. I personally think that My College Matches was the most useful because the tool automatically suggests a list of colleges that match my PSAT score and interests of majors. Though PSAT scores shouldn’t be the determinant of “matching” colleges, I think it set up a good standard list of colleges to begin with. In addition, My Major & Career Matches were interesting to look at. I got to read about a variety of different majors that I am interested in. I also found out about new majors other than fine arts and fashion design such as visual communications. Though My SAT Study Plan gave a good list of questions that I missed on the PSAT and stated some tips for improvement, I don’t think they helped me much. The tips that they listed were really basic things, such as to understand sentences that deal with abstract ideas and to apply ideas presented in a reading passage. These were obvious things that I knew already. In order to make this tool more beneficial, I think they should describe in more detail “how” to improve on the skills, other than to just simply state what the skills are. But overall, I think the College Quickstart tool is very useful for students.


February 19, 2009. Uncategorized.

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