Journal #25/ Field Trip to the DMZ/ 040809

In the PBS documentary, the Field Trip to the DMZ, a group of North Korean defector students go on a trip to  the DMZ. This was a rare occasion for all the students to get to go near North Korea again after they have escaped to South Korea. It was interesting to see their different reactions and responses as they are on the bus to DMZ. Most of them seemed to have mixed feelings of excitement to get to go closer to their family and feelings of sorrow to have left their family behind. They havn’t seen their parents and other family members for a long time now and the fact that they miss them is shown when the group of students all shout out “mother”, while facing their homes in North Korea. This was interesting to watch because everyone became so emotional in thinking of their parents back in North Korea; some students even cried. Seeing the group of students shout so loudly even if they know that the parents probably can’t hear them was very sad. I thought it was very depressing how they will probably not be able to meet their parents ever again and I was touched by the idea that the parents willingly sent their children to South Korea for them to have a happier life.


May 27, 2009. Uncategorized.

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