Journal #26/ Newsweek and Economist Coverage of North Korea/ 042409

1. How has the international media responded to North Korea’s missile launch?
The Newsweek article has a generally negative response to North Korea’s missile launch. The reporter uses some negative connotated words such as belligerent, threatened, and ignorant. The use of these words show the world’s criticizing view of North Korea and its aggressive actions. The Newsweek article also shows concern for North Korea’s silly moves and thinks that there will be a disaster soon. Both articles, however have a general sense of detachment from North Korea’s missile launch. They mention how many of the most powerful countries like the United States and China think that North Korea’s missile launch is a failure.  This shows how many countries think superior of them and are ignorant.

2. In what ways might international perceptions of North Korea impact how the world views South Korea?
I think that many of the more powerful countries like the United States might develop a negative view towards South Korea because they think that the North and the South are closely related. Because of North Korea’s silly and agressive actions, they might think that South Korea has similar characteristic and misunderstand, unless they know the clear difference between North and South Korea. Also, because South Korea is so close to North Korea, some of the countries with big armies might not want to send military help to South Korea because it may be too dangerous; North Korea can attack the South any time.

3. Has anyone ever asked you “which Korea are you from, North or South?” What does that question reveal on the part of the speaker?
Yes, when I went to a summer camp in the United States, many of the students asked me which Korea I was from. I laughed and said that I was obviously from South Korea because if I was from North Korea, I wouldn’t even be here. Even though I was young at that time, I was a bit embarrassed and shocked that so many people didn’t really know the difference between North and South Korea. I think this question reveals that to Americans, especially young students, the distinction between the North and the South are very vague and that they can get easily clumped into one country. I think it is necessary for South Koreans to spread the knowlegde that South Korea is completely different from North Korea to the different parts of the world.


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