Journal #6/ Shooting an Elephant/ 100108

h.) George Orwell wanted to use this narrative to explain and discuss some problems in the society such as prejudice and peer pressure. He talks about his personal experience as an example. He has been discriminated and judged by the rest of the society just because he is of a different race. He also talks about how he had been pressured by the society to shoot an elephant that he realized is significant because he was the only white police man.
j.) Discussing the sociology of the event is appropriate to his purpose because his main idea of this essay is about the society and the relationships between the people in it. His ideas about prejudice and peer pressure are all important elements of sociology.
k.) The author spends so much time narrating the death of the elephant because he took it very seriously and was a very big deal for him. He did not want to kill it because he thought it was valuable but eventually shot it just because he was pressured by the people. The big crowd of Burmese people were shouting and encouraging the white police man, George Orwell to shoot the elephant. This must have been a very emotional and important moment for him because he was in the center of attention and was forced to do something because of his race. This personal experience and his feelings are the main ideas of this essay.
a.) His opinion of the burmese is that they are very dependent and prejudiced. He mentions that they are rude to him and forces him to do what they don’t want to do themselves. He also thinks that they make his job as a police officer very hard and impossible. He has bad feelings for the British Raj in that he thinks that Britain’s greed for land and power, which led to imperialism, forced him to work in the Lower Burma, where he is having a lot of trouble. He basically hates the British empire. These two attitudes create a tension between his hatred of the empire and his rage against the Burmese people who are interfering with his job.


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