This I Believe

Fainting Towards Realization


            I got a lot of stress ever since I was a child. One day, I reached my limit and had more stress than I could handle. My muscles, especially the neck and shoulders, got so tense and hard, like a rock, that it blocked my blood from circulating. My brain wasn’t able to obtain the blood and oxygen it needed. I felt dizzy. My eyes got blurry. The world began to spin. Surrounding voices became unclear. “Grace!” “Are you okay?” “Sit down!” “Hey!” I heard the voices but I couldn’t respond. I didn’t have the energy to. The dizziness continued and my vision blurred even more. My legs couldn’t stand and BAM! I fell. I saw the world turn black and I don’t know what happened next. It turns out that after a few minutes of massage, my mother, who was so shocked and worried, took me to the hospital. Obviously enough, the doctor said that the sole cause of this fainting incident was stress.

            I never knew stress was so harmful. I thought it was just a psychological thing. But I figured that it could also physically affect my body. I started to get even more worried about the fact that I might pass out again anywhere, anytime, even when there was no one around to help me. I realized that I needed a proper way to handle stress, or else I’d be in danger. I used my hobbies as a method.

In elementary school, I liked to sing. So every day, when I got back home from school, I turned on music and sang along for hours. In middle school, I liked to watch TV. I watched almost every show there was. During the time I watched TV, I comfortably sat at my couch and was able to forget about the things that happened in my life and got carried away by the fantasy world presented. Currently, as a high school student wanting to major in art, creating art became one of my biggest hobbies. I doodle my thoughts on paper and paint for hours. As I see my thoughts get illustrated, my mind gets clearer. I found out recently that this was a great way to relieve stress for me. Doing something that I like to do never gets tiring and makes me feel happy, helping stress to go away.

My ways of dealing with stress are very effective for me and I’m proud that I found them. I believe that my fainting occurrence that seemed harmful at first, led me to become a healthier girl both physically and mentally, as I learned how to relieve stress.


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